Let’s be honest with ourselves, these gaming chairs look amazing. You don’t have to be a gamer to appreciate how they look. Since most gamers are known to have a sedentary lifestyle, it only makes sense that they have a chair that would improve comfort and their overall health. It’s also smart to take advantage of a gaming chair cheap sales offer to save money and get the best gaming chairs out there.

These gaming chairs are designed to give maximum comfort to gamers. Game chairs manufacturers take into consideration how gamers sit and use chairs, and what features these chairs can have to make the gaming experience comfortable and entertaining.

What are the types of gaming chairs?

Before looking to get the best gaming chair deals or jumping on the next available discount offer, you have to understand that there are different types of gaming chairs. This helps you know if the chair will be suitable for your gaming experience.

Although there are several types of gaming chairs, the most popular types include:

  • Console chairs
  • PC chairs
  • Simulator seats
  • Floor chairs

PC chairs

When many non-gamers think of gaming chairs, PC gaming chairs are often what they think about. They are designed to give comfort to gamers who sit on a desk. Since they’re designed for use on desks, it can also be used as a workstation chair.

It has an ergonomic design that has a comfortable seat with a star wheeled base. It has an ergonomic backrest that reduces back and joint pains. The armrests act as support for the player’s arms when they’re on the PC. Overall, you’re better off with this type of gaming chair if you play games on a PC or hope to use it as an office chair.

Console chairs

This type of gaming chair comes in a more versatile design. They come in varying sizes and shapes, and are slightly less ergonomic than a PC gaming chair. They have a more laid back design since gamers need more comfort and relaxation playing console games. They can often come with a rocker feature that makes the chair rock back and forth.

Unlike PC gaming chairs, these console game chairs can be designed with smart technology features like USB charging ports and surround sound speakers. They offer these features so gamers do not have to worry about leaving the chairs to charge or get clearer sounds.

Simulator seats

These are designed to mimic the seat of race cars or an airplane’s cockpit. They come attached to a frame that allows gamers to attach accessories like pedals, wheels, etc. Although they offer comfort, they’re built for their functionality.

Floor chairs

Some will argue that these are not taking seats, but they fall into a category of chairs they are chosen solely for comfort. A good example of floor chairs are bean bags. Bean bags are large bags with foams in them. This makes them comfortable since they can conform to the shape of the user.


Apart from the gaming experience, comfort is the next important thing a gamer thinks about. The duration of play is largely determined by the level of comfort they experience. This is where gaming chairs come in to take the stress away. So while there are different types of gaming chairs, it’s important to buy one that suits the type of game played and offers the best comfort.


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