The plethora of hose reels in the market, each claiming to provide superb experience, spurs dizziness. It creates a profound feeling of confusion that exacerbates when making a purchase the first time. Some manufactures describe their products as flawless with optimized performance when the real encounter sends a contrary signal.

You don’t want to run into a scenario where you would spend dollars on a gadget with a complicated interface. One that prompts you to seek the services of a specialist to figure out how it works. Worse still, installing a device that turns a would-be exciting exercise into agony. The correct information guarantees you a near-perfect item.

A good hose reel does the weight lifting and lets you sigh in relief. But how can you identify one that coils even the most rigid hose with ease and leaves you mesmerized? The Giraffe’s retractable pressure washer hose reel might be the fantastic tool you have been looking to acquire.

Giraffe’s retractable power pressure hose reel is spring-driven

Giraffe’s retractable hose reel is automatic. It means a tough spring drives it and lets you control the hose length when working. When not engaged, it mounds back the hose into the case, thus keeping it safe from damage. Also, they have used durable ceramics to build the casing. This way, it lends itself to heavy-duty, therefore suitable even for detailers.

Although retractable has limitations surrounding the spring’s flexibility, Giraffe’s developers thoughtfully designed theirs and used a quality spring that withstands frequent pulling. As such, you would expect it to survive tension and naturally retract back to the original state.

Giraffe’s retractable power pressure hose reel comes with a hose

It comes with a generously long hose of about 150 Ft. The fitting is not a be-all-end-all; it is flexible enough to carry a hose from 78 ft to 150 ft. More so, the nozzle is versatile. The design allows you to explore up to nine modes. This feature provides real-time alternatives, so you don’t have to purchase another hose. It profits you twofold; it saves you time and money.

The casing features polypropylene, rigid material to accommodate pressure and high temperature. The feature allows the reel to hold a high-pressure hose, and it can’t curve out when subjected to heavy-duty. You don’t have to worry yourself with the possibility that the hose might be overkill.

Giraffe’s retractable power pressure hose reel has an excellent user interface.

Although the parts need fixing, Giraffe’s hose reel packages are easy to follow manual. All you need to do is read the instructions and fix the parts correctly with the correct formulae in place. In the components, you will find a bracket that you can use to mount on any flat surface, therefore, increasing convenience.

The casing features professional expertise and allows the hose to retract back and wrap around quickly. You would expect it to be stable and doesn’t exhibit a wild sound like it is whining but hum during operation.

Bottom line

Giraffes retractable hose reel is durable and ideal for heavy-duty. It has a bracket to mount it on the wall, which adds convenience and keeps the wheel perfectly stable. Furthermore, the casing encloses the hose making it suitable for a clean environment and aesthetic appeal. If you like it, it extends the wear and tear of the hose.


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