You are probably in love with your vape and how it is performing. But little did you know that the vape is never built to last forever, even when it is rechargeable. The pod cartridges of vapes affect the type of flavor you will be inhaling with your vape. Cleaning the vape is usually the first choice when you notice such changes, but sometimes, the solution may be a complete change. Changing your pod cartridge may not be a tedious task if you have the right steps. But without it, you may make loads of mistakes. The remaining parts of this article will describe the right steps to change your cartridge within the vape.

Confirm if it is bad

The first step you will want to take in your vape is to confirm that something is wrong with the cartridge. This situation usually comes when you are vaping. If you are not getting enough puffs as you should normally get or your puffs are not exactly strong, then maybe something is wrong somewhere. To confirm, all you need to do is to check the cartridge for its present situation. In some cases, you may not puff at all.

Clean the cartridge first

Before you outright change the cartridge, the first thing you may want to do is clean it to see if there are any improvements. The process of cleaning a cartridge is very simple – it is similar to when you want to fill up the cartridge. There is a special liquid you need to get to the cartridge and it cleans it up.

Check the model and details

If after you have tried to clean the cartridge, there are no differences, then you need to change it completely. The first step you have to take is checking its model and details, so you can buy a corresponding cartridge that works.

Buy a replacement cartridge

Buying a cartridge is not exactly a complex process. Most vape manufacturers have their specific accessory shops, so you can always buy that model.

Study cartridge connection

Now that you have the exact model of the cartridge, all you need to do is replace it. To do this, the only step necessary is to check the cartridge connection and understand how you can loosen it open.

Remove the cartridge

After you have studied it, the remaining profession is to remove the cartridge from its connection. Then you can replace it with another cartridge. It has to be the same model so it can work. After that, you can fill it up with your flavor and keep vaping.


The goal for anyone buying an e-cigarette or a vape is to use it over a long period, especially if it is rechargeable. However, these Rechargeable vapes may require a bit of maintenance to stand that test of time you wish for them to stand. One thing that usually occurs is the cartridge getting too dirty and requiring a complete replacement. Buying the cartridge for replacement is not always a tough task, the task is replacing it. However, with the steps described above, you should replace your cartridge rather easily.


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