What are led light strips?

Led light strips are circuit boards made flexible to stick them anywhere you wish to add a powerful light source in different colors. They have different levels of brightness and can be bent to various forms and suit multiple needs. Such needs may include adding lights to places you never imagined you could.

Led light strips may be manufactured to give different colors and sometimes change according to your options. Whether you need to color your room with a red, blue, green, or mixture of all of these colors, you can choose what suits your needs from the LED light strips. Also, you may cut the led light strips to freely fit them into your designs without paying much attention to the available space.

Are all led light strips the same?

Led light strips are not the same. There are three primary classes of led light strips. They include the Mid-rage LED light strip, Cheap LED light strip, and constant high-end current LED light strip. LED light strips are delicate, and it would not be a great idea to cut corners with your choice of the best strip.

You invest time and money when choosing and installing an LED light strip in your desired place. So, suppose it fails shortly after installation or rather requires replacement after a few years. In that case, you might otherwise consider it a waste. It is like buying a cheap wall finish only to need another within a very short period.

Cheap LED light strips might come with various problems when purchased. They may have ununiform brightness and color on the length. Sometimes, they might develop black spots and color patches along their length. In other cases, the brightness of the LED light strip might reduce within the first a thousand hours.

How many led light strips do I need for a room?

You need to measure the size of the room in square feet and multiply by the number of room foot candles required for the entire room. The quantity of light is measured in lumens. For example, a one hundred square foot bedroom needs between ten- and twenty-foot candles. That means the bedroom will require one thousand to two thousand lumens. Similarly, a one hundred and fifty square foot dining room will require between thirty-to-forty-foot candles. Therefore, the dining room will need between four thousand five hundred and six thousand lumens.

How long do LED light strips need to be?

The typical width of an LED light strip ranges between 10 – 12 mm, which is around half an inch and 5 meters or sometimes more. Though, you may cut the length into desirable sizes using a pair of scissors. When cutting, be sure to cut along the provided cutlines located at every 1-2 inches of the LED light strip.

There are different types of LED light strips in stores, and it would help if you choose a long-lasting LED strip to save money and time. Also, when installing the LED strips, you should follow the right directions to avoid spoiling them.



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