If you are a tattoo fanatic, a sternum tattoo might be one of your interests. Most people think of tattoos from the design of the tattoo they would like to have. Although, considering the ideal place to have the tattoo is equally important. Some areas are painful than others.

Is sternum tattoo painful?

Sternum tattoos are usually considered as the most painful tattoos than others. You would feel the most pain because of the position of the tattoo on the body. The sternum area is mostly fatless and is located close to the bones.

Places nearing the bones are usually painful when hurt than other parts of the body. In contrast, other fleshy parts are not as painful because they are not close to the bones. As a result, the sternum is one of the most painful places when hurt.

Can you get a sternum tattoo if you are fat?

Yes, fat people can get tattoos on their sternum. If you have been wondering whether your plus size will allow you to have a tattoo, it would be best to consider getting one. That only difference might be the level of pain.

Fat people would get tattoos, but they might not be as painful as for lightweight people. The main reason is the closeness of the tattooed area to the bone. Fat people have fat; thus, it might not be so painful. Nonetheless, the level of pain will highly depend on the size of the person.

Should you wear a bra after getting a sternum tattoo

You should not wear bras after getting sternum tattoos. The primary reason is that tattoos are usually treated as open wounds. Open wounds are prone to infection when mishandled.

Similar to how you treat wounds from injury, sternum tattoos should be treated like wounds. Wounds should be covered, but not tightly because it increases the chance of infection. So, it would be best if you did not cover your tattoos to protect you from diseases.

If you need to cover the tattoos with a bra, make sure the bra is not tight. This means you will need to avoid specific types of bras. For example, padded bras are usually tight when worn. If you fail to follow the directions, you might end up with an infection.

Does tattoo numb cream work?

Yes, numbing creams work. Withstanding the pain of tattooing is not easy. For this reason, numbing cream is usually used to reduce the amount of pain that you feel. Other medications help reduce the amount of pain that you fee. Such include sprays, ointments, just to mention a few.

Although the numbing cream helps to reduce the amount of pain that you feel during tattooing, it does not entirely reduce all the pain. That means you would still feel some pain despite applying the creams. Nevertheless, the tattoo artist will always try all ways possible to make sure you are experiencing the least pain possible.


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