Buying a bob wig is relatively easy if you have had experience wearing it at one point or the other. However, when you are trying to choose a 613 bob wig, you need to take your time.

In case you do not know, a 613 Bob Wig is one that has a blonde color.

Blonde colors are the brightest of all wig colors, and as such, they are very noticeable. That is why you need to take a lot of time when you are making that choice.

In this article, we will guide you on the best processes to buy a Bob Wig.  If you follow these steps, it is near impossible to make a mistake.

Choose the type of Bob Wig you want

Bob wigs, like every other wig, come in different types; synthetic and natural ones. The synthetic wigs have nylons as the main constituents, while the natural wigs use human hair to produce it.

As a result, natural Bob wigs tend to last a lot longer than bob wigs made out of synthetic materials. More so, the natural ones will look a lot more real than the synthetic ones.

Check the shape of your head

Bob wigs come in different styles to suit diverse head sizes and shapes. We do not all have the same head size or shape. Hence, you need to study your head shape before you go ahead to buy that bob wig.

Some hair vendors are benevolent enough to give a head shape that each style fits.

Ask questions on the internet

Although it has some disadvantages, the internet has been more of a blessing to this generation. Today, you can easily find out any information with a Google search.

When you want to buy a 613 blonde wig, you can take your time to first ask questions on platforms like Reddit, and Quora, and wait for answers. There are other wig lovers that are more than happy to answer your questions and solve the problem. You can even make friends and get much more info than you were looking for.

Speak to your expert

You can skip all of the processes discussed above if you simply do this.

By the way, your hair expert is the person who has been in charge and care of your hair needs for a while. This position will give them the knowledge and expertise to pick the best thing for their hair.


We are quick to assume that buying a wig is as easy as seeing what you like and making the purchase. This is not the case when it comes to Bob wigs. These wigs are very different from the other wig options. Hence, the moment you make a mistake with the choice of Bob Wig for yourself, it is easily noticeable. That is why you should follow the process discussed above to buy the Bob Wig. If you want to skip any of these processes, you can speak to your hair expert or find a good brand to buy the wigs from. That way, you can rest assured of the quality you will get.


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